On Friday the 29th of September we together with Loud Headphones threw a fundraiser and a party in LA to celebrate our collab. Over 400 people showed up, we had tacos, drank over 800 beers and raised close to 1300 USD to the Let Them Hear Foundation. Thanks to eveyone who came by!

Loud Headphones was formed by a group of veteran travellers. More specically, professional skateboarders, photographers, and videographers who spend the majority of their careers away from home on the road in dirty vans, motels, and thousands of long plane rides sitting next to the crying babies of the world. They understand the importance of loud and comfy headphones and earbuds when you need it the most.

Loud support the cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear, bene ting the deaf and hearing impaired, specically those lacking adequate access to funding and healthcare resources, and so do we. Together we have designed a watch and a pair of earbuds. The hands of the watch are purple, the color of royalty, just like the band-aid used after the surgeries. The earbuds are made in Los Angeles by our team riders old skateboard decks. All pro ts will be donated to the Let Them Hear foundation.

For more info on cochlear implants and Let Them Hear foundation visit www.LetThemHear.org or www.LoudHeadphones.com.

Shop the collab here.

Cheapo is made up by a diverse group of good people with different talents, interests and styles. Together as well as a part they personify what and who we are.They are skaters, snowboarders, artists and musicians from across the globe. They are great at what they do, but more importantly share our values of equality, solidarity and taking a stand for what is right. Plain and simple, Good People.

This season we are proud to present three new collaborations. Snowboarder Caroline Degardh put her passion for coffee to use for her very own Fika watch. The ritual of Fika is more Swedish than Swedish meatballs and IKEA furniture combined. At 3 o’clock every weekday we gather for a fresh cup of coffee and some delicious pastry. Swedish skate legend and friend Ali Boulala has designed the Ali watch. A combination of gold and black denim. The third collaboration is with Loud Headphones. Loud supports the cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear, benefiting the deaf and hearing impaired, and so do we. Together we have designed a watch and a pair of earbuds made by our team riders old skateboard decks.

This is the Cheapo Brand Fall/Winter 2016 collection. It is great!

Tålamod (patience) is a collaboration between Cheapo and our friend and musician Broder John. The collab consited of a limited edition watch well as a specially written song by Broder John, both named Tålamod. All the profit from the sales of the watches were donated to the organization No One Is Illegal. We are very proud to have raised 30 000 SEK to their great cause!

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We are proud to sponsor Skate på Liseberg and the skate competition Liseberg Classics this weekend in Gothenburg. Representing Cheapo on site are our Good People Vanessa Torres, Sarah Meurle and Jesper Lind.

IMG_1820PS C kopia
California based skateboarder Vanessa Torres is the newest member to join Cheapo’s family of Good People. Vanessa is not only a great person with a personality to match, she’s also one of the world’s greatest skateboarders. In 2003 she won gold at the first ever women’s street competition at the X Games, and has since then captured several medals including a silver at Street League in Chicago in 2015.

”Vanessa shares our values and is not afraid to take a stand and speak her mind. She embodies everything good about skateboarding. We’re very happy to welcome her to our family of Good People.” says Viktor Telégin, CEO of Cheapo.

Vanessa joins fellow Cheapo skaters Fernando Bramsmark (SWE), Vladik Scholz (GER), Lucy Adams (UK), Sarah Meurle (SWE), Mitchel Linger (NL), Jesper Lind (SWE) and Simon Sandström (SWE).